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Why Choose SpectanglePro?

Accurate Natural Posture

The patented posture device is the only solution that allows the ECP to properly capture the customer's posture in a way similar to the dotting process while never needing to be at the same eye level.

1 Picture 10 Measurements

When used with its patented posture device, SpectanglePro proprovides all ten measurements needed for Position of wear in the time it takes an ECP to obtain only PDs and Heights using a pupilometer and a Sharpie. .

Instant Results

SpectanglePro's Automatic Image Detection means that all measurements are obtained immediately after taking the snapshot, avoiding time consuming and error-prone manual placement of reference points.

Built for Eye Care Professionals (ECPs)

SpectanglePro was built to keep ECPs in control. The Optikam Posture Device (OPD) was designed with the intent of mirroring the manual measurement process. It takes into account that there is a flow and rhythm to dispensing that needs to be respected, without interfering with an ECPs dispensing style.

Cloud Service

The Optikam Cloud Service provides detailed usage analytics, remote technical support assistance, data protection and multi-station licensing.

No-Device Measurement Mode

Prefer to measure without placing a device on the eyewear? Then take odvantage of our patented Lidar technology to measure PDs and Heights without the need for a reference device.


Measurements captured with the SpectanglePro App can be transferred electronically to your favorite Point-of-sale, EHR and Lab software, thus avoiding manual entry of measurement results.

SpectanglePro integrates with some of the most popular software brands, including:







Hoyalux MyStyle

Hoyalux MyStyle










The OptikamPad is great! Portable, easy to use, and the lens demos on it make it difficult to not sell the best lenses and coatings. Plus, our patients find it super impressive technology.

Dr. Adam Gorner — Rocky Ridge a Eye Centre

We LOVE the Optikam! We highly recommend it to all Opticians and wish we had done it sooner!! Measurements are consistent and we appreciate being able to go back to view the photo's online from any of our workstations. The seamless integration into our EHR software is a timesaver, AND our patients are impressed by the technology.

Traci Wyatt, LDO - Uptown Eyes

We've been using the OptikamPad at our office for almost a year now. This product has greatly improved the quality of progressive multifocal lenses we are able to dispense. Patients DO see a difference with the lenses we prescribe using the OptikamPad. We have had comments that this is the best they have ever seen through a progressive lens. I definitely recommend this product !!

Dr. Cynthia Markarian Bahoshy — Brantford Eye Care

Once we started utilizing the Optikam, we found that patients loved the technology behind it and our opticians appreciate the ease of use and the speed in which it allows us to get all of the position of wear measurement. This has been extremely helpful since we utilize a lot of personalized lenses.

Scott Thielen, ABO-AC — EyeWorks

Jensen Eye Care in Casper Wyoming has been using the Optikam in our office since Nov 2013 and have absolutely loved it. The experience the patient receives from the OptikamPad is amazing!!! The patients can see themselves after the pictures have been taken. Presenting the design of the progressives is so easy and enhances our sales. As a staff, we love the OptikamPad. It is a wonderful tool to have in any office. We recommend it highly.

Jensen Eye Care — Casper, WY

Optikam has been one of the easiest investments for our optical. The device is user friendly, accurate, and quick! Our opticians love that you can access past measurements to ensure their calculations are correct. The company's service has been tremendous any time we have had a question about the product. I recommend every optician, beginner or expert, to have this device in their optical!

Hannah McDaniel, Crowder Eye Center — Chattanooga, TN

We love it! We discuss the technology with patients and the staff is instructed to involve the patients in the measurement process so they see this great technology. We tell patients that most eye care facilities take two measurements when fitting your eyewear – we take 15 different measurements using the Optikam! We love the demos and also the fact that it integrates with My Vision Express.

Troy Bedinghaus, O.D., Vision Source Administrator – Tampa Bay Area

The Optikam is a game-changer for prescription glasses measurements. This device provides detailed and accurate custom measurements, which are not only precise but also repeatable. Our optical has found the Optikam to be an essential tool in taking over 95% of all measurements. This device is user-friendly and allows opticians to quickly take accurate measurements, making it an excellent option for both novice and experienced opticians.

Ragan McBride, Haywood Family Eye Care – Waynesville, NC

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