Spectangle Pro is an iPad app that assists in every facet of the eyewear dispensing process — frame selection, lens demonstrations, and eyewear measurements using ONE single image.

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Every Spectangle Pro Kit ships out with two items:
Social Distancing
Is social distancing a new norm? Translating this behavior to the optical industry, consumers will likely seek optical stores that can dispense eyeglasses with minimum human contact. Traditional tools such as the hand-held pupillometer, sharpie or the distometer will likely be seen as intrusive.

Spectangle Pro empowers its users. Spectangle Pro allows you to take measurements with minimal human-to-human contact. You can even put the Spectangle Pro on a stand and operate the Spectangle Pro app using a bluetooth mouse.

The new Optikam Posture Device (OPD) minimizes contact even further with the ability to capture the customer posture remotely from the Spectangle Pro app.

Optikam Posture Device

The new Optikam Posture Device (OPD) is an electronic version of the Optikam EY-Stick device. It uses an accelerometer (tilt sensor) to monitor the customer pantoscopic tilt in real time.

Now you can observe and capture the customer posture with a push of a button, all from within the Spectangle Pro app. A posture indicator shows the current live customer pantoscopic tilt reading in relation to the captured one. Capturing the correct customer posture has never been easier.

Training Resources

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